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Thai School Requires Parents to Carry School ID, too

After a host of complaints and concerns regarding the safety of schoolchildren after the day is over, administrators at the Kajonkietsuksa school in Phuket, Thailand have implemented a plan which is hoped to appease parent worries about their children. Parents of schoolchildren will be issued an ID card with a photo of the child on one side and a photo of the parent on the other. When parents arrive to pick children up, their ID will be checked and verified against the child's ID to prevent mix-ups and to prevent unauthorized entry onto school grounds.

The initiative, called the "Expressway Project," is hoped to have another bonus - reducing clutter during pick up and drop off. The total chaos of an elementary school parking lot before or after school is second nature to any parent who has tried to pick up or drop off their child at school. Kajonkietsuksa's "Expressway Project" is intended to focus and control the flow of traffic entering and leaving school grounds, improving efficiency and security, and making the whole experience much easier for students, parents, and staff alike.


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