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Synel TimeLog PRO

Key Features
  • Price Range: $$ of $$$$
  • Improves payroll accuracy and processing
  • Use any card technology: Magnetic, barcode, proximity, or smart card
  • Add-on modules for Access Control, Project Costing, and Absence Balance
Buying Guide

How many cards will you likely print in the first year?

  • 100 or less
  • 101 to 500
  • 501 or more
  • Don't Know
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Synel TimeLog PRO Software

Synel TimeLog PRO's advanced options for time and attendance management can help bring versatility and efficiency to your operations. TimeLog Pro allows for time and attendance control and management through the use of photo ID cards, or through employee PCs. Electronically tracking your employee's hours and work schedules allows you to reduce personnel and payroll errors.

Another integral part of company security is access control. TimeLog Pro's access control software enables you to quickly and easily assign access privileges to employees and visitors, and monitor their movements throughout your facility.

Synel TimeLog Pro's versatility and powerful security features are all managed through the powerful and easy-to-use database, which prints out comprehensive reports and allows you to customize data so you see only relevant information.

Electronic timekeeping and access control can make your business more efficient by streamlining accounting, eliminating the personnel errors that come with old-fashioned paper timesheets. See how TimeLog Pro can help you.


  • Attendance reporting via employee PC or ID card
  • Eliminates calculation errors, rounding mis-adjustments, accidental overpayments, and cash disbursements to correct payroll errors
  • Accommodates fixed and flexi-time schedules
  • Capable of additional security with Biometric verification
  • View and print attendance reports in real time
  • e-TimeLOG - program that sends e-mail notification in case of missing reports
  • Comprehensive personnel management includes time and attendance and access control capabilities

System Requirements

  • PC Pentium (IBM compatible)
  • RAM 32MB (128MB recommended)
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • 200 MB free hard disk space
  • Serial Port

Note: Some systems involve the use of card-reader or input terminals