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CardFocus VisitorBook

Key Features
  • Price Range: $$ of $$$$
  • Capture Visitor Biometric Data
  • Pre-Register Vistiors
  • Real-time photo verification to visitor card scan
  • Advanced Features: magnetic stripe, bar code, and smart chip programming
Buying Guide

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CardFocus VisitorBook Software

Many businesses, even large corporations in multi-story buildings, still rely on handwritten logbooks or sticker badges to monitor the flow of visitors in and out of their offices. Some companies have no visitor management system at all. These old-fashioned methods pose security problems that can make even the most successful companies vulnerable to loss. Porous reception areas without a proper visitor management system can put proprietary information, trade secrets, electronic systems, personnel files and employee safety at risk, and could bring about huge problems like identity theft and profit losses.

Visitor management software like CardFocus VisitorBook can help you secure your business by logging all visitors as they enter your facility. Each visitor that enters your office will be provided a photo ID badge, and will have their information entered in VisitorBook's powerful database. VisitorBook software comes with powerful security features, including barcodes and the ability to encode your ID cards with magnetic stripes and smartcard chips. Cutting edge biometrics features like signatures and fingerprints can also be recorded and stored using CardFocus VisitorBook.

Unsure whether you actually need visitor management software? Think about all the visitors you receive each month. Consultants, potential employees, clients, attorneys, potential clients, employees from other offices, janitorial staff, service employees, caterers, families and friends of employees...the numbers add up. Not only does VisitorBook help you keep your front end secure, it also allows you to track and organize your visitors by type and date visited, helping you make your business more efficient. VisitorBook's powerful database and high quality ID badges also give your company a professional appearance. Its pre-registration capability allows you to have a badge waiting for incoming visitors, and its powerful data gathering capabilities can let you make an entry for a visitor just by scanning a business card. These features provide a professional subtlety that lets your visitors know you care.

VisitorBook's unique networking features set it apart from other visitor management software solutions. PCs running VisitorBook can be networked together over a Local Area Network (LAN) to access a common database. Any PC on this network can pre-register visitors or access the database to analyze visitor data. Data tied to a visitor can be used to e-mail the person visited to announce a late arrival or ask for assistance.


  • Intuitive, easy to use interface requires little training.
  • Powerful database lets you easily access and organize data
  • Pre-register visitors from any PC running VisitorBook software
  • Store biometric data like fingerprints and signatures
  • Exclude visitors with a simple database entry
  • Time-sensitive support provides any badge with a specific timeframe for use
  • Verify identity in real-time with VisitorGate feature that displays photo upon scan of ID badge
  • Print bar codes, encode magnetic stripes and smartcards

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
  • 80MB Hard Disk Space
  • Additional Hard Disk Space for the visitor database