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Smart Card Payment System Used for Canadian Water Fill Stations

Two Canadian water fill stations in Thunder Bay now employ a smart card payment program for those looking to load up on H20. Rural residents coming into the city to acquire water must use a special, pre-loaded smart card in order to access the water. To use the system, cardholders must first place the smart card in a reader, then, enter the amount of water they wish to fill their container with. The container is automatically filled to the appropriate level. Water flow can also be stopped manually at any time by pressing a red button.

The new program will provide users with the convenience of smart card payment, while also generating a way to pump money back into system maintenance and upkeep. All fees collected from the smart card payments will go directly back into maintaining and operating the water fill stations. Each card comes with an initial cost of $15, and can then be loaded with additional funds for use. The cost of filling a five-gallon water container comes out to be around 4 cents.

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