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University of Chicago Introduces RFID Student IDs

The University of Chicago will be issuing new and improved ID cards to students for the upcoming spring quarter. The student IDs, which include a new vertical design and sophisticated RFID technology, will help to increase campus security, and provide cardholders with convenient functionality.

Contained within each card will be an RFID (radio frequency identifier) loop and a smart chip. The technology is very similar to that used for the Chicago Transit Authority's new Chicago Card. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, which require swiping, the new U of C student ID must simply be tapped or waived near a special card reader to gain access to buildings and perform other functions. RFID technology also adds durability and flexibility. Because the RFID readers don't contain sensitive moving parts, they can be placed outside of buildings without fear of damage.

Each card will contain an identifying ISO number, and a Chicago ID number which will serve as the University's placeholder for a student's social security number. Other features include a library barcode and a student ID number.

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