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Secure Government ID Cards Issued to Toledo Waterfront Workers

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority has taken steps to increase security for sensitive areas along the waterfront. The Board of Directors recently accepted two grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; one to install new surveillance cameras and alarms throughout the port, and another to buy equipment for implementation of the Transportation Worker Identification Card system (TWIC) mandated by the federal government.

TWIC cards will be issued to all individuals who require access to secure waterfront areas, including the Toledo shipyard, docks for Kraft Foods and St. Mary's Cement, as well as other high-security locations. The cards will include biometric information and a smart chip which can be read by special card readers. Installation of the system isn't yet complete. But in the meantime, dock workers will be required to present their cards to inspectors carrying portable readers that verify authenticity of the cards.