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Ricoh Arena Issues Season Ticket Smartcards

Ricoh Arena in Coventry is set to become the UK's first cashless stadium next season. Season ticket holders will receive special smartcards before the season opens. The season ticket smartcard will serve as a cashless payment card, while also storing the cardholder's tickets. The aim is to reduce the amount of waiting time at arena entrances as well as food and refreshment kiosks.

Once fans use their cards to swiftly move through the turnstiles, they can choose to top them off - if low on funds - by locating "cashless payment" staff sporting lime green attire. A minimum of 5 pounds can be added at a time. These funds can be used to make purchases at the arena's food and beverage kiosks. The smartcards are scanned at the point of purchase, which saves time by eliminating the need to deal with cash and change.

Similar programs have already proven successful at stadiums in Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Schalke, and Hanover.