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Logan Cab-Dispatch Hails New Smart Card System

Cab drivers at Boston’s Logan International Airport will soon reap the benefits of a smart card system that will speed up the flow of the often-congested cab pool. The current system, which requires cabbies to pay with tokens in order to enter the pool, is 10 years old and consistently breaks down. The pool holds up to 300 cabs so the line is already long, but when the old machines break down, both the cabs and the customers are forced to wait even longer to get where they need to be.

Roughly 5000 cabs pass through Logan’s taxi holding area each day, making it crucial that the flow of traffic is steady and the pecking order is organized. The switch to a smart card system is expected to be a huge improvement. When incoming flights arrive at the airport, curbside attendants radio the cab pool, and dispatches the appropriate cabs based on their place in line. With the smart card system, it will be easier to determine the correct cab order, and equipment malfunctions will be far less likely. The smarts cards will be prepaid, reloadable, and can be swiped in order to obtain cab pool tickets when entering the holding area.


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