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New Program Looks to Standardize ID Verification for Contractors

Proponents of a new ID program in New Jersey are hoping it will become a model for the way workers are identified before entering high-security facilities. For now, the union program is voluntary. Developed by the New Jersey Regional Council of Carpenters and the Building Contractors Association of New Jersey, it utilizes database software to verify workers' identities. A contract worker, for instance, must first pass a drug test and clear criminal background and identity checks before receiving an ID card.

About 600 machinery specialists in New Jersey recently signed up for the program which allows them to hold visual proof – in the form of an ID card – that they've passed their background checks. This is especially useful because these laborers often work in sensitive sites such as refineries, nuclear plants, and military bases. While the program is still seeking greater acceptance throughout the industry, the ultimate goal is to make the ID verification system standard for contract workers.