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Gurgaon Hi-Tech Toll Plaza Employs Contactless Smart Cards

In the coming months, a massive, 32-lane automated toll plaza on India’s Delhi-Gurgaon highway will be fully operational, and a huge flow of traffic is expected for the 27.8 kilometer stretch of road. The toll plaza features a complicated mix of well-planned lanes – some reversible, meaning they can go in either direction depending on traffic, some designated specifically for accommodating slow-moving vehicles, and a number of lanes devoted to commuters using either contactless smart cards or smart tags to pay their fares.

The commuter lanes in the middle of the toll plaza will be unmanned. Those commuters using contactless smart cards will manually waive their cards in front of a special reader and zip on down the road. The transaction time for contactless fare payment should take less than 3.5 seconds. Commuters will benefit not only from the enhanced speed of their lanes, but also the convenience of not having to carry coins or cash to pay fares. The contactless smart cards will be prepaid, and money will automatically be deducted from the users account when the card is waived in front of the reader.

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