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Contactless Cards Put Cyclocity Bike Program in High Gear

An exciting self-service bike program is peddling its way into more and more cities across Europe. The Cyclocity program, as it is called, utilizes traditional and paper contactless cards in conjunction with self-service bike stations, providing users with a convenient system for renting and riding bicycles around town. In simple terms, the primary goal of the program is to save the environment. Traffic and pollution are at an all-time high, which makes public forms of transportation all the more important. When you add bicycles into the mix, the solution is even more Earth-friendly. Those who have used the Cyclocity program so far have found that the bikes can be used in combination with subways, trains and buses for seamless mass transit.

Cyclocity first hit the streets in Lyon, France, where it has been enthusiastically received and roundly praised. The program is now moving on to a host of additional cities across Europe, including Paris. The Paris Cyclocity program will be the largest bicycle rental project in the world. There will be 20,600 bikes available and 1,451 self-service rental stations. Regular riders can purchase a reusable plastic contactless card for renting bikes, while one-time users can acquire a temporary paper contactless card. Cyclocity should be ready to ride in Paris by mid-July.

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