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Central National Bank Supports Innovative Prepaid Student ID

It’s easy for debt to become a major issue for college students. For one thing, they’re paying thousands of dollars in tuition. And then there’s the allure of credit cards, those tantalizing plastic cards providing for all the things they can’t afford. Yes, it’s a serious problem. In order to lessen the amount of debt for these scholarly youngsters, many schools are now implementing student ID cards integrated with payment points programs. At Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, this idea is taken a step further. The school has rolled out the “ROCK Dollar Card,” a student ID that works in conjunction with area bank Central National.

The ROCK Dollar Card is prepaid so there’s no chance of falling into debt with creditors. The PIN-based ID card can be loaded with new monies through financial aid, scholarships, grants, and direct deposit for working students. Additionally, students can go to designated spots on campus to load more money onto their cards, and parents can add funds through checking or savings accounts. Cash withdrawals can also be made with the card at select ATMs.

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