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Binghamton University ID Cards Offer More Bang for the BUC$

Binghamton University’s BUC$ program was originally introduced in 1999 as a way to add convenience for on-campus vending-machine purchases. This simple extra feature to University ID cards was recently extended however, to include debit-like accounts that provide students, faculty and staff with enhanced purchasing power both on and off campus.

The new and improved BUC$ program allows users to deposit money directly onto accounts linked to their University ID cards, at no cost. The money is separate from meal plan funds, and can be used for purchases at campus vendors as well as various businesses and restaurants located off campus. One of the reasons for the program’s extension is to provide students with a greater sense of security in knowing they don’t have to carry as much cash around. The program’s coordinators are also hoping it will provide a natural connection between the campus and the community.

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