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BART Stations to Install Smart Card Bike Lockers

Bay Area Rapid Transit will soon be installing "e-lockers" to accommodate the large number of cycling commuters using the transit system. The lockers, which accept smart cards for entry, will be up and operational in 8 different BART stations this year. Cyclists can purchase smart cards online and use the lockers to store their bikes before boarding a train.

The smart-card locker program is part of BART's push to encourage commuters to avoid using cars in their daily travels to and from work. The lockers add convenience and a new option for cyclists who use the rail system. Currently, over 1000 key-entry lockers are available to passengers at BART stations, but they are limited, in that they can only be used by a single cyclist and are rented out on a quarterly basis. The new e-lockers can be used by up to five cyclists a week. The smart card, which can be used to open available lockers, costs $20 online. The card is charged 3 cents for every our of bike storage, which is deducted from the card when the cyclist retrieves his or her bike.

BART officials plan on expanding the e-locker program to more and more stations in the coming years, including lockers in 8 stations by July, and 12 more stations next year. Their goal is to have 895 smart-card bike lockers operational by 2012.

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