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Armstrong County to Use ID Cards for Emergency Responder Identification

As a way to better identify emergency responders, Pennsylvania’s Armstrong County has developed a new ID card system for both emergency personnel as well as volunteers. Standardized ID cards will be issued to all police, first responders, volunteers, and local amateur radio operators allowing them access to emergencies. The cards will be valid throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, and will feature bar codes so each cardholder can be verified by computer data bases.

Orange lanyards will support the cards, easily identifying the bearer as a member of the newly established Southwest Pennsylvania Region Counter Terrorism Task Force. Along with a bar code, each card will include the cardholder’s photo and an R13 in the upper right to represent Southwestern Pennsylvania Region 13. Additionally, a color-coded bar will designate what agency the cardholder represents. Separate colors will identify firefighters, law enforcement, hazardous materials specialists, medical personnel, emergency management, EMA, and more. Along with providing identification for emergency personnel, unpaid volunteers and members of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services will also be included in the program, as they provide an invaluable service in times of crisis. Common threats for the area include flooding, high wind damage, blizzards, and ice jams.

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