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Operator Identification Gets Helping Hand with New ID Card Program

In any workplace that requires the operation of equipment for transporting and handling materials, there exists the potential for serious injury and death caused by accidents. These accidents are often the result of misuse of equipment by operators who aren’t fully trained or qualified to properly and safely perform such tasks – for instance operating forklifts, cranes, and elevated work platforms. Keeping track of who is and who isn’t licensed to operate certain pieces of equipment can be extremely difficult, especially in a busy and hectic work environment.

In an effort to make the process of operator identification easier and more effective, Mentor – a professional training company in the UK – has implemented a new operator ID card program. Mentor will now issue photo ID badges along with certificates to those who complete equipment training courses. The badges will serve as an added security measure, ensuring that workers operating specific types of dangerous equipment are properly trained and authorized to do so. Each badge will contain the worker’s photographic along with the necessary information required to verify that the worker has been adequately trained to operate the equipment. For large operations, the badges can be customized to meet the company’s specific needs.

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