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Fargo Security Suite

Key Features
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  • Price Range: $ of $$$$
  • Powered by Fargo SecureMark technology
  • Strengthens security between your printer/encoder, software and materials
  • Provides five applications to control:
    • Printer Access
    • Security Monitoring
    • Print Notification
    • Print Diagnostics
    • Materials Re-ordering
Buying Guide

How many cards will you likely print in the first year?

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  • 101 to 500
  • 501 or more
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Fargo Print Security Suite

Counterfeiting and forgery are pressing issues for nearly every organization worldwide, and the threat is increasing. The Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau has estimated that worldwide, counterfeit and forgery has increased over 100% over the past five years. No longer limited to currency and designer handbags, counterfeiting threatens more and more businesses each day. Is your organization safe from forgery? How much time, money, or privileged information could your company lose to a counterfeiter?

The Protection You Need

Fargo Print Security Suite, with its user friendly software, helps you monitor, maintain, and upgrade the security of your photo ID card system. Fargo SecureMark Technology is the driving force behind the suite, creating a very high level of security between all your printing materials. You may activate any combination of these five applications in order to conform to your specific security needs.


  • Printer Access: Helps prevent printer misuse and unauthorized issuance of ID cards. Automatically disables an illegitimately accessed or stolen printer.
  • Security Imaging: Helps deter ID card counterfeiters by adding covert graphics visible only under UV light, plus authentication data indicating when and where a card was printed.
  • Print Notification: Provides round-the-clock notification of unauthorized printing. Can be programmed to trigger an alert by e-mail or text message.
  • Print Diagnostics: Reduces downtime by helping you quickly assess and fix printing issues. Shares printer diagnostic information with your Fargo SecureMark Integrator.
  • Materials e-Ordering: Enables quick and convenient online re-ordering. Eliminates downtime by alerting you when materials are running low. Links directly to your Fargo SecureMark Integrator for secure on-line materials ordering.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/ Microsoft Windows 98 SE /Microsoft Windows ME/Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition