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Fargo DTC400 Printer

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Fargo DTC 400 Printer

Everything about the Fargo DTC400 is specifically designed to make issuing IDs and securing your organization go smoothly. It's simple to operate and virtually maintenance-free. Plus, it can scale easily as your needs expand. When you add in Fargo's Print Security Suite, the DTC400 is not only the easiest card identity system in its class, it's also the most secure.

Never deal with ribbons or card cleaning hassles again.

Anyone who's ever operated an ID printer knows the drill: loading ribbons can be difficult, separate card-cleaning mechanisms are a pain, and blinking indicator lights can be more confusing than helpful. The Fargo DTC 400's next-generation "one-way" loading design eliminates these problems once and for all. It's the first printer to feature Fargo's SmartLoadT Ribbon Cartridge, our all-in-one print ribbon/card cleaning system. This handy, disposable cartridge installs in one easy step - just slide it into place and you're done. Best of all, our patent-pending SmartClean Roller is integrated into every cartridge, so you'll never have to deal with a separate card cleaning mechanism again.

Never again wonder what your Fargo DTC400 printer is telling you.

Another next-generation feature of the DTC400 is Fargo's exclusive SmartScreenT LCD Control Panel. Unlike other card printers that communicate with confusing, blinking lights (or worse, no indicator lights at all), the Fargo DTC400 features a clear display of easy-to-understand prompts and commands. You'll constantly know the status of your printing and encoding.

Think your needs might change?

Never fear, the Fargo DTC400 adapts easily to change with you. It's difficult to know what type of card functionality you might need in the future. Don't worry. Fargo lets you add encoding and/or dual-sided printing modules to your DTC400 as your security system grows. Order the DTC400 that's right for you today (i.e., with mag-stripe encoding only). Then, rest easy knowing you can add a proximity card encoder, smart card encoder, or dual-sided printing module to it tomorrow. Fargo's DTC400 ID Card Printer dual sided printing module

Card identity security starts with Print Security Suite from Fargo.

The Fargo DTC400 ID printer is the most secure card printer in its class thanks to our optional Print Security Suite. This user-friendly software provides you with up to five powerful applications to help control, monitor, maintain and secure your system. You get an unparalleled level of integrated security between your printer/encoder, software and materials.

No one ever said making your organization more secure would be easy - until now with the Fargo DTC 400!



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