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EPI Card

Key Features
Buying Guide

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EPI Card Software

Card Design
  • Imports all Windows image file formats
  • Crop images during import
  • Sample layouts created upon installation
  • Create dynamic and static images
  • Create dynamic and static text fields
  • Import background images
  • Select colors from standard or custom palettes
  • Printer independent image transparency
  • Supports standard type styles

Card Printing and Encoding
  • Print cards individually
  • Encode magnetic stripes during print process
  • Supports layout of all 3 magnetic stripes
Image Support
  • Capture images from file, TWAIN interface, and VFW (Video for Windows) interface
  • Supports most industry standard image file formats
  • Color correction and cropping during image capture
  • Sample photographs in the default database
  • Comes with a configured Microsoft Access 2000 database
  • Images are stored in the database
  • User definable aliases for database fields
  • Ability to change database field names
  • 10 user definable fields for dynamic text entry
  • Imports Epicard compatible CSV file
  • Export to CSV file
  • Query database functionality
Hardware Configuration
  • Point and click configuration of card readers, card printers, and image capture devices
  • Configure industry standard internal magnetic card encoders
  • Generic magnetic stripe setup utility for non standard internal card encoders

System Requirements

  • Runs on Windows 2000, 98SE, NT 4.0, and XP Professional