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Avery Platinum

Key Features
  • Price Range: $$ of $$$$
  • Sign-In / Sign-Out, Pre-Enroll, and see instant status of visitors to your building
  • Print Paper badges from ink-jet printers
Buying Guide

How many cards will you likely print in the first year?

  • 100 or less
  • 101 to 500
  • 501 or more
  • Don't Know
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Avery Platinum Software

Does your organization have a lot of visitors? Do you still rely on a paper logbook to track your guests? Avery Platinum ID card software offers an easy, versatile solution to dynamically record and track your visitors as they enter and leave your building. Avery Platinum allows you to make custom photo ID badges for visiting contractors, specialists, temporary employees, or VIPs with its easy to use ID software. An attendant can manually input the data, or scan a visitor's business card or photo ID with Avery's card scanner. Visitors may even make and print their own badges at a stand-alone station and present their card to an attendant to be signed in.

Monitoring and managing visitors is also a snap with Avery Platinum's easy to use database. Search for visitors by name, occupation, or other information like e-mail address. ID Badges and visit information are stored in the powerful database, and visitor data can be accessed or modified at any time. Return visitors can check in again using Avery's new, powerful search feature. For large groups or VIPs, it's easy to pre-print badges for easy and fast sign-in.

Avery Platinum ID badge software is also easy to use, requiring little to no training. Its interface has help built right in to help streamline the process. Its integrated system with printer, card scanner, and camera are easy to set up and manage.


  • Create custom badge designs or modify an existing template
  • Ban visitors, extend badge validity, reprint badges and edit visitor details in easy-to-use database
  • Pre-print names with List Import Wizard for quick sign-in
  • Card reader uses OCR technology to grab information from visitor business card or ID screen

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Windows XP Recommended)
  • Intel Pentium III, 4, or Equivalent (P4 Recommended)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 64MB Video RAM
  • 250MB Free Hard Disk Space for the Photo ID System, and 150KB Free Hard Disk Space per Badge
  • 3-4 Powered USB Ports (depending on Printer/Scanner options)