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Alpha Track Professional Software

Key Features

All the features of Standard, plus…

  • Centralized data management
  • Supports multiple users
  • Simultaneous connectivity to multiple databases
  • ODBC compliance
Buying Guide

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Alpha Track Professional Software

When security is a concern, trust Alpha Track Professional visitor management software to keep your company, school or organization running smoothly and safely. With Alpha Track Professional, it's easy to streamline your employee time clock system and your security system. Keep detailed time logs of all the comings and goings in your facility for attendance, payroll and security purposes. Plus, Alpha Track reads barcodes, magnetic stripes (on three tracks) and proximity cards so that you can keep up with the latest identification technology. Unlike Alpha Track Standard, Alpha Track Professional is ODBC compliant so that you may connect to either file-based or server-based database systems like Oracle. You can even connect to several databases at once!

Alpha Track Professional includes a version of Alpha Card card design software. This integrated design system allows you to customize your own layout and make advanced changes so that your cards look completely unique. And with Alpha Track Professional, your software supports multiple locations, with centralized management for unified facility security screening. Use a password so that only those who know it may use the software.

You may also add multiple user accounts with varying privileges and restrictions, so that one person may only be authorized to print replacement cards, while another may be able to add new cardholders without editing the base card design. This allows you to use the software without giving only one person jurisdiction over the ID card system. When you use Alpha Track Professional, you're in charge.

Product Features

Design and Security Features

  • File password protection
  • Photo and signature capture
  • Reads barcodes, magnetic stripes and proximity cards
  • Pre-fabricated card creation templates AND custom template and card design options
  • Set expiration date for cards

Entry and attendance management options

  • User logs
  • Central management for tracking multiple facilities and entry/exit points
  • View and print comprehensive exit and entry logs
  • Attendance and time reports available
  • Customize your check-in screen
  • Track individual cardholder history

Database Features and Types

  • Scan government IDs and enter cardholder data instantly
  • Ready-to-use database system included with software
  • Simultaneously connect to several databases at once
  • Centralized company database
  • Visitor database
  • Employee database
  • Government/health/education databases
  • Database search and sub-group filters to easily find records

Connect to these database systems:

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • My SQL
  • MS Excel
  • MS Access
  • MS FoxPro
  • Text DB
  • dBase

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista
  • Pentium III or faster
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 32 MB free hard disk space