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Alpha Track Enterprise Software

Key Features

All the features of Professional, plus…

  • On-screen alerts and email notification
  • Custom drop-down lists
  • Configure access rules for groups and individual cardholders
  • Equipment tracking
Buying Guide

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Alpha Track Enterprise Software

Alpha Track Enterprise is designed for government offices, corporations, large universities and other sizable organizations with major security concerns and multiple locations to manage. You may create different access rules for different individual cardholders or groups of cardholders, so that you can control which individuals or groups of employees may access sensitive areas. If your security is ever compromised, only Alpha Track Enterprise sends automatic e-mail alerts in the event of a security breach; it also displays alert messages for straightforward communication.

Plus, only the Enterprise version of Alpha Track has the capability to check both people and equipment in and out- an ideal feature for university, laboratory or industrial applications. Keep track of the comings and goings in all of your different facilities with Alpha Track Enterprise's detailed employee, student or visitor access records. And if you want to equip your cards with barcodes, proximity cards or magnetic stripes on tracks 1, 2 and 3, Alpha Track software supports readers for all three.

A version of Alpha Card design software accompanies Alpha Track Enterprise, with all the design tools you need to generate original, professional ID cards. Choose from pre-fabricated card templates, or create your own from scratch. For your cardholder photos, use any TWAIN/WIA-compatible camera or scanner. Keep records using one of several database programs, or import database records into the integrated Alpha Track Enterprise database. Then, use custom drop-down lists to sort your cardholders and sift through records using specifications tailored to your organization.

Product Features

Design and Security Features

  • Check to see if visitors are on any government watch list
  • Automatic e-mail notifications and warnings of potential security problems
  • File password protection
  • Secure, tamperproof watermark option (different from watermarks you can create using the ghosting tool
  • Advanced formatting options
  • Photo and signature capture
  • Choose between ID card templates or a completely customized design
  • Set expiration date for cards

Entry and attendance management options

  • Individual user logs
  • Customize your check-in screen
  • Central management for tracking multiple facilities and entry/exit points
  • View and print comprehensive exit and entry logs
  • Attendance and time reports available
  • Track individual cardholder history

Database Features and Types

  • Scan government IDs and enter cardholder data instantly
  • Edit batches of records all at once
  • Import database records from an external database program
  • Ready-to-use database system included with software
  • Simultaneously connect to several databases at once
  • Centralized company database
  • Visitor database
  • Employee database
  • Health/government/education databases
  • Database search and sub-group filters finds records quickly

Connect to these database systems:

  • Oracle
  • My SQL
  • MS SQL
  • MS Excel
  • MS FoxPro
  • MS Access
  • Text DB
  • dBase

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista
  • Pentium III or faster
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 32 MB free hard disk space